An app to share things between neighbors

Peerby is an application and a website designed to share things with neighbors , a Dutch platform for the loan of domestic goods without intermediaries between people who live in the same neighborhood.

On average, a house in developed countries has items worth more than $ 3,000 that are not used and lofts and cabinets treasure many items that we need punctually and in many cases, never, and that can serve many other people.

Contrary to what happens with other applications to share objects, with Peerby you do not have to search among the users for the desired object, you just have to write the request and the application sends it to the nearest 100 neighbors , registered on the web and that They have the same zip code. Normally, the response occurs in less than 30 minutes, according to those responsible for the platform.

The first person to answer initiates a direct chat conversation to agree on how to collect things.

The application, created in 2012, comes from the Netherlands, although it is already present in other countries, such as Spain, but it is there where it has had the most success and growth.

“It’s good for your neighborhood, good to meet people and good for the environment. One sixth of the CO2 that we generate is from consumer products. We help resources flow and not be locked in an attic. That is to make prosperity flow. That is sharing prosperity, “Ieteke Schouten, communications director of the Amsterdam startup, explains in Yorokobu.


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