I need urgent money via loan, what do I do?

Are you thinking ” I need money urgently in minutes and I do not know who to turn to”? Below you will find a way to get liquidity through different channels and with different characteristics for what you want, even without being a salaried employee. Find the answer to the question ” I need urgent money without a payroll ” with the best financing in the market.

Do you need money urgently and you do not have a salary?

With the intention of responding to this question, from this comparator we offer information, tips, tips and products that can help us to get liquidity in delicate moments for our pocket in which unforeseen assaults us. In minutes, with hardly any paperwork, without having a payroll and with processes that are totally online we will have the money in our power.

There are times when we get any additional expense for which we have no liquidity. What can we do and who can we turn to if we want quick money without a payroll? Fortunately, the options are currently varied. The private equity financial companies offer very fast products and with such flexible conditions that we will have access to a wide offer.

How much money can I get urgently?

In Green-Touch.org, we can see what amounts of money we will be able to access via loans in about 15 minutes. The main difference will be in the entity to which we turn and in whether or not we are clients of the entity:

As we have seen in the information, the maximum amount for new customers is usually around 300 euros, while already customers can expect to have up to 1,200 euros in their account in a few minutes. In addition, competition in the sector has allowed entities to appear that give greater amounts of capital even if it is our first time as clients with them.

Profiles without payroll suitable for immediate loans

The private lenders that have landed in our country in recent times are much more lenient in their requirements than banks and with them, workers, it is entirely feasible to get financing instantly without the need to present a payroll to use. In this way, profiles such as the following have a quick response to the urgent need for money:

  • Self- workers, that is, the self-employed.

  • Those people who obtain some type of subsidy.

  • The people who enjoy some pension.

  • In certain cases the people who receive the unemployment benefit.

  • The landlords that obtain profitability of leasing own properties.

What the companies that market the immediate loans without payroll will demand of us is that we always have an income. This is the way to make sure that we can face the reimbursement of the requested capital.

How should your income be to get money urgently?

The entities usually look at three characteristics of our income to grant us loans without payroll. In the following video we see how it is possible that they give us loans without presenting a payroll:

Our expert has explained to us in less than a minute that our income should be recurrent, demonstrable and sufficient to pay for the urgent financing we hire, so it does not matter if your source is a payroll or not.

Who do I call to get money urgently?

The high competition in the market between traditional banks, fintech companies and private equity entities has made it possible for us to apply for quick loans, we can have many avenues.

Therefore, as we have seen, if we have a credit card we already have money at the moment. In addition, some banks allow us to advance the pension that we have domiciled, but we will have to consult with the entity if this is possible. On the other hand, private equity companies have mini-credits and lines of credit in their portfolio that are approved and the money is paid in about 15 minutes.

3 cases in which mini credits without payroll help

The mini-credits without payroll are financing products that will hardly entail complications. In addition, the lenders are not going to demand explanations from us and are managed over the Internet in a very short time. For that reason, they are ideal for day-to-day contingencies like these three cases:

  • A domestic fault: suppose I need urgent money without payroll because it has broken a fundamental appliance in our day to day as the washing machine or dishwasher.

  • Times of greater consumption: there are dates of the year in which by the accumulation of typical expenses of the season, we may need an extra help. Christmas or summer are two good examples.

  • Avoid higher commissions or traffic fines: to avoid a bank discovery or to pay a fine with a discount for prompt payment, these products can come as a glove.

Fast financing can be the best solution for this type of typical cases in the day to day of many people. Without having to give explanations, without having to present a salary to use, without the need to present an endorsement …